A few rules that has to be known before buying  a led screen display .

Before buying a led screen display , you need to know which is best  product  for you . The best for you  is not necessary  the best on the market . A few warnings are required  so, that you can choose the best solution for you.

First step. What can you show on this led display ? ( text, graphics, video)

What is strictly necessary for you and if the screen can do so in the requested parameters (number of lines, number of characters in a line, character size, video resolution);

Step.2:Power Supply and signal

How can the electricity screen be fed into the chosen location and with the signal to disseminate the information?

Step.3: Audience and technology

 Which resolution is best suited for your location? (in relation to the screen surface and the optimal  distance where the audience is placed)

What is the minimum distance from which it will look on this screen?

What dimensions should this screen have?

What viewing angle is strictly necessary? (according to the location of the screen, it results in a minimum horizontal and vertical angle for viewing)

Step.4 Elements that block visibility

Is there any element between the audience and the screen?

If, YES what are they and what they are (trees, statues, fixed panels, etc.)

Step 5: Support Structure and Screen Access

Is it fitting on an existing structure or on a new structure?

The existing structure allows the location of the new display ? (very useful in this fact  is the consultation of an architect or a construction engineer)

There is plenty of access space for screen mounting and maintenance ?  (if not, this will complicate the assembly and increase maintenance / maintenance costs over time)

Step 6: The LED screen and the performance we expect from it

What kind of information will be displayed on this display (text, graphics, video)

Are there  required minimum broadcasting conditions? A poor resolution can make the information displayed  unattractive  on it  (we see a number of examples every day in all the cities of the country).

Step 7: The method of communicating with the LED screen

Can a direct internet or wireless connection be mounted?

If it's a direct fiber connection, can it be routed with a router?

Is there, or is it possible to install a high-speed Internet / Ethernet or wireless network?

Step 8: Ventilation of  screen

Are the local climatic conditions (related to the natural ventilation of the screen) accurately estimated, or should an air conditioning be installed?

Step 9. Cost of Installation

Carefully analyze the installation costs of this LED display (notices, authorizations, support, power supply panel, assembly work, samples, tests, personal training, etc.)

Step 10. Rate this screen

Analyze the financial and / or image benefit that your investment brings.

A correct damping rate is about 2-3 years.